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    New Blog:need opinion

    February 19, 2015 by Thepancake666

    Hey guys, pancake here. I would like your guys' opinion and support on a blog I'm thinking about starting. It will contain reviews about stories in the Lost Episodes section (reviews on well known pastas will not be included much so other pastas can be reviewed to people who have never heard of them.) All I need is your guys' opinion and support. So if you're reading, please leave a comment on what you think.

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  • Thepancake666

    My Top 10 Pastas

    November 7, 2013 by Thepancake666

    This is a top 10 list of pastas I would read more than once.

    10.Happy Appy

    One of the very first pastas I have read, but not the best. The idea of a lost series on Nogin (or what is now Nick Jr.) was just great to me then. But just finding it randomly in your basement or attic or whatever is inprobable. Besides, people working at Nick would probably notice that an apple on a rusty stick taking kids into a van killing them, but it qualifies.

    9.Pokemon Lost Silver

    Some people would not agree, but this has a little good touch. Not really much to explain about this, but in the pokepasta rating field from 1-10, it comes to 7.

    8.Click Reload

    A website I actually tried to find after reading, but still some flaws to this one. First of all, how would som…

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