My name is Luna Raven you all who i have chatted with should know my name if not, well then it is nice to meet all of you new and old members alike, I do not have any clue where to go from here supose an introduction outside of my name will be a good place to start. I am eighteen years old and have recently graduated from high school and wish to further my education in mortuary science to one day find my place in the world bothe living and nonliving. I have been looking for work when i can outside of looking for work i like to read, write, cosplay listen to music i am just a go with the flow type person to a certain point. Most people who see me lookat me as a sterotype like a goth,emo,rocker,punk, type chick if people still use the term chick i do not know, i do admit i am sort of a goth well a bit more then what i should be. Things i like: rainey days, visiting graveyards (most people say i am diying to get into one.) and the oth aboveer things preavously listed and anime if i didn't include that already, why do i like these seemingly sad things maybe unlike most who are afraide of death i accept it noone can live forever and i can take that alot better then most other people tht and i seem to find peace it is so quiet and peaceful i almost feel at peace with myself and i seem to think alot better. Things i dilike: the colors pink and yellow, the word panties bras that hook in the front i have more dislikes then likes obviously. I want to start writing asap but i have had writers block as of late does anyone have any good ideas to help me get rid of it? if you do please speak up it will be apprecated. I think this should be good for right now i hope to start writing soon all comments are prefered i will have q&a about myself so ask away as ong as it isn't too personal. Thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope to get to know some of you better as i progress.