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Man in the Mirror

I woke up that morning, tired as always. I got straight out of bed knowing I got classes, just like any other college day. Today was supposed to be no different, or so I thought. I left the den and walked into the bathroom to splash some water on my face to wake myself up more. I looked back up at the mirror and saw a demonic mans face behind me, he looked angry with his eyes filled with a blood red color "AAAAAAHHHH!" I screamed with terror backing up quickly away from the mirror. I ran down the hall and got my clothes on in a flash and grabbed my book bag and was out of my dorm in seconds. On my way to my first class I thought to myself that it was just my imagination, again, so I thought.

I got back to the dorm at around 6:00 PM and was tired from all the classes I had that day. I was pondering about the man I saw in the mirror in the bathroom this morning, out of curiosity I walked into the bathroom to see if he was there. But he wasn't, an hour later I walked to wash my hands after cooking dinner for myself I looked at the mirror and, there he was! I was filled with horror as I stepped back, away the man was looking at me through the mirror with his demonic face and eyes. His presence filled me with horrors that I had never felt before in my lifetime. The evil smile on his face grew as he stared at me I walked closer to the mirror and suddenly realized...

He wasn't in the mirror, I was looking at a reflection...

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