So wich do you prefer A stream creepypasta, or B stream creepypasta, ( A stream is popular creepypasta ,slender man, jeff the killer, the rake, ect), ( B stream is smaller creeoypastas that have only about 4 stories about, NOTE: when it has only one video/story it is called a C stream please do not get this mixed up with B stream, B stream includes: eyeless jack, gristers, expression less, ect), now here I'm not wrighting much as the main thing on here to cling to is your comments, wich if you read the title you know what it is, so it would be much appreciated if you could tell us wich you prefer, please be respectful to other users thoughts most of you will probally say A stream is best, but if you get real deep into creepypasta, you'll find that there are good enough B streams to at least compete with A stream, so now there isn't anything left, so please if you have an account, please comment it is very appreciated that you do.