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  • I live in Israel, Haifa
  • I am a jew
  • Thelaughingvamps

        Some think Creepy pasta may have something that inspired it, like slender man was inspired from Bavarian (in modern day Germany) fairy tales, and rake was inspired by naked Natives in the forests of america (thought to be) wielding dead turkeys that they hunted and flailed the turkeys at, but still many others, they could be like smile dog and Jeff the killer where they originated from Photoshop, but still, so many others that may have origins.. or maybe, there real

    post in comments what you think, feel free to call people out (friendly) if they are wrong or something like that

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  • Thelaughingvamps

              So wich do you prefer A stream creepypasta, or B stream creepypasta, ( A stream is popular creepypasta ,slender man, jeff the killer, the rake, ect), ( B stream is smaller creeoypastas that have only about 4 stories about, NOTE: when it has only one video/story it is called a C stream please do not get this mixed up with B stream, B stream includes: eyeless jack, gristers, expression less, ect), now here I'm not wrighting much as the main thing on here to cling to is your comments, wich if you read the title you know what it is, so it would be much appreciated if you could tell us wich you prefer, please be respectful to other users thoughts most of you will probally say A stream is best, but if you get real deep into creepypasta…

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