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slender. a german woodcut from the has puzzled historians since it was discovered at Halstberg castle in 1883.the woodcut bears the distinct style of a known woodcut artist from that area, Hans Freckenberg.Although know for his realistic depiction of human anotomy in his work, there was something that was unusual for woodcut.This pictrue differs radically from the rest of Freckenbergs works.The character to the right bears little semblance to a human being with skeletal physique the long limbs at odd angles.This next image was found in Egypt, believed to be a depiction of the Slender Man.The carving dates back to roughly 3100 BCE and was found in lower Egypt.The Slender Man is a paranormal being, supposedly stalking humans since the beggining of time.While there are many theories as to who and what he is, most agree that the Slender Man appears to those who fear or have seen him.Many blame the Slender Man for the disappearance of young childen, and he is often seen with children.The children in this pictrue were later found to be missing.Officials speculate that it is camera warping that caused the deformations in the pictrue.In 2007, new evidence has turned up in the investigation of the boy that disappeared from an elementary school in Tusla.The boy's father it was discovered was filming his son's first day of school, and the home video footage was released to local authorities.he took his own life shortly after the boy's disappearance.No word yet on any suspects, though police are drawing similarities to the 1963 slayings in lake Texoma, Texas.the voice on the tape has yet to be confirmed and though the film's video is largely destroyed, the audio remained in tact.Another woodcut dated to the 1540s it is also the work of Hans Freckenberg who disappeared in 1543 in Halstedt.
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Old painting pictrue stealing kids

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Egypt slender

Egypt slender