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    October 26, 2012 by Thecportillo

    slender. a german woodcut from the has puzzled historians since it was discovered at Halstberg castle in 1883.the woodcut bears the distinct style of a known woodcut artist from that area, Hans Freckenberg.Although know for his realistic depiction of human anotomy in his work, there was something that was unusual for woodcut.This pictrue differs radically from the rest of Freckenbergs works.The character to the right bears little semblance to a human being with skeletal physique the long limbs at odd angles.This next image was found in Egypt, believed to be a depiction of the Slender Man.The carving dates back to roughly 3100 BCE and was found in lower Egypt.The Slender Man is a paranormal being, supposedly stalking humans since …

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  • Thecportillo

    This people from GTA 3,GTA Vice.when i was playing GTA 4 i was playing party mode.but i think i should go to the tunnel but i saw a news paper.the pictrue looks like CJ From GTA san andreas.the black ink said R.I.P CJ.i Don't know CJ die by Something.but people said that CJ was Rich.everybody post a video that CJ was i went to the tunnel were South Bohan.Than i look the black ink it said R.I.P Claude. Victor,we never forget you.Who's Victor?is that Victor's Friend?and the other on said that remember Tommy u are still my hero.Tommy from GTA vice city Die?and Carl die.i was think that person should do That?

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