I know that a lot of people here are a fan of horror films. But are there any people on this site that like Italian horror movies?

For those unaware, Italy hit it big on the horror scene from the 60's to the 80's. There are many different flavors of Italian horror. Their contributions to the zombie genre have become infamous over the years with films like Zombi 2 and Don't Speak Ill of The Dead (which I have yet to see,) and there are a good number of films that are known for their cruelty and brutal gore like Cannibal Holocaust or Salo. But my personal favorites are the Gialli.

A giallo is a blend of horror and murder mystery that comes from the Italian word for 'yellow,' named after the cheap yellow paper murder novels used to be printed on. Giallo tend to incorporate themes like sexual tension, fancy set pieces, a killer wearing black gloves, drawn out, elaborate death scenes, and a whodunit story. I haven't seen too many, but my favorites for now are Deep Red and The Bird with Crystal Plumage.

I guess where I'm going with this is, is there anyone on here who's a fan and would like to chat about it?