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Friday the 13th: Personal Best to Worst

So, when I first became a horror fanatic, I swore to myself that I would only watch the first movie of a franchise and maybe the sequel if it was well reviewed. Then I got to The Friday the 13th Series. I remember not being particularly impressed with the first one, but then a site I like ranked Part IV as the best slasher movie of the eighties. So, I watched it, loved it, and decided to watch the rest. Keep in mind, I haven't seen all of the movies yet, so this is a tentative list.

Unranked (Not seen yet): Freddy vs. Jason

Listed from Worst to Best IMO:

11. Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (The only one I got absolutely no enjoyment from)

10. Part X: Jason X (Saturday morning cartoon version of Friday the 13th)

9. Part V: A New Beginning (Serious guilty pleasure. Lame twist and iffy writing)

8. Part IX: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (Made some good decisions and really bad ones)

7. Part VII: The New Blood (Awesome effects, awesome Jason, so-so story-telling)

6. Part I (Has not aged well, in my opinion. Pretty good, but has painfully dull parts too)

5. Part III: 3D (Silly and cliched, but has fun characters and good pacing. RIP Richard Brooker)

4. Part XII: The Remake (I was expecting to hate this one, but was actually impressed)

3. Part II: (Better paced and more intense than the first one, features fun characters)

2. Part VI: Jason Lives (Amazing kills, tongue in cheek attitude, great characters, overall a blast)

1. Part IV: The Final Chapter (Most developed characters, scariest Jason performance, vicious and unforgiving, pulse pounding... my favorite)

If you agree or disagree, let me know. Try and do so in a respectful way. We all have different opinions, and I'd love to have a friendly debate, but please, there's no need for hatred. I'd love to see other people's lists, too.

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