“ when I was about your age my grand mother told me a story of the tree people who lived in the woods like the ones you live in now they looked after the trees and the woodland- critters they looked like well fairies they had wings and where so happy. One day a man came to the woods but this was not any man this was the devil-god (asterix) he came to ask for the fairies for a wish but the fairies new if they helped him there world would be no more as his wish was to bring his dead demon wife back to life . “I” said the man “ I want to be powerful and all knowing so I can bring back the only thing I loved ” the fairies told him for him to have such a thing he would kill them and change into a critter that no man or demon could touch one that lives in wood and lives of nothing more then to wait for his love to return and if he wanted it he would need to wait for 400000 years and to only stay in the woods asterix agreed to do so and ever cine he has lived in woods all over the world”

I did a internet search on him asterix it silly I know but I fell onto this web-page talking about demons of old past and the film legend with Tim Curry playing the devil in was was based off a pagan story of the old days before people