Ok Oksoi am a big wwe fan and so wwe 2k14 is a new wwe video game comeing out sometime in October of 2013. Well i know josh Morrison (the maker of the game) and he gave me a copy of the game 3 months before it came out for the public.  I received it for the Xbox.  The game turned on easy and it seemed as though either all the characters would be unlocked or the prototype was just like that.  I was glancing through the character selection screen and came across a character that really didn't seem to fit in current day wwe.  It was as though you could play as chris benoit. I didn't care i chose him after all he was my favorite wwe wrestler. It took the loading screen about 5 minutes before it loaded up what i thought was the match.  It was a video that played a video of chris benoit talking about his opponent i chose witch was ryback  and at first i thought it was a new feature but i forgot about how Chris benoit died before ryback was even in wwe.  What scared me the most was when he mentioned his son and wife.  One time he looked at the screen and yelled "after i rip rybacks head off in the ring how about i go to your house and do what i did to my wife and son"  i shut it off and turned the tv on and to my surprise a news article says that wwe superstar ryback was found dead in his hotel in miami Florida.