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The Zog. November 25, 2015 User blog:The Zog.

The Channel's been a while, hasn't it? I missed so much.


So, I figured, gotta get back in the game, and I tried to remember, "What gave me that drive?"    

Then I thought, "ARSON!" but then I thought of YouTube SOOOOOOOOO… 

After the umpteenth pasta deletion, I figured, "Fuck it", just get off the written word and get back to the shit I'm good at, IMAGERY!

Trying something new, people seemed to like it here the last time I did something like this, so I figured I'd might as well return for some consensus. The channel is called "Zion" because Jewish lol.

Here's the shitty trailer: 



And to answer your question, the Operator symbol just felt right, and no, this has nothing to do with Slender at all. 

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