Back when I was a daily contributor to the wiki I got really into creating original content. It started with a horrible iMovie foray known as "wonderland", which I also created a blog about. So, I moved on to create an original character, with the placeholder name of Gascot. The name Gascot has evidently stuck, and for a year I've spent time molding him as best I possibly could as an inexperienced, untalented teenager with a Mac.

Since I figured I'm pretty much out of the written pasta game and Humboldt seemed to like my video projects (somehow), I figured to start making some serious improvements to my content.

What stands below is a video called "ICU" I made in forty seconds on February 19, 2015.


Here, is a video I've made remastering that.
ICU Remastered01:15

ICU Remastered

I need honest opinions. Is it even worth it given my experience? Or did I even do that good of a job?

swear to god i'm not going to bump and fish this time