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Another Copycat blog, about TLP

Hey fuckers, it's me, suppose you want some info from this don't you? Well, let's see:

I'm a gamer, I love a lot of game genres, if it's a quality game, I'll play and enjoy.

I like to be an asshole most of the time, It's fun and it's something I'm used to.

I have made friends here, I'll list eventually, you should know who you are.

Ah fuck it, people I consider MY friends: Cas, Final, Zy, Batman, Neve, Fall, Justin, Luke, Luce, Cal, Ricko, Kill, Meta, Fatal, Nick, (god why is this list so long), Pram, NOWS, Jamal, Chelsea, Bug, Agner, Dev, and Sarah

I like to play sports, football, basketball, and baseball.

My favorite game series are Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Mortal Kombat, Halo, GTA, and The Elder Scrolls

If you want to be a "friend" go for it, talk to me, if I like you, it might work out.

I'm usually a rude dude but get me in a slightly better than great mood, I might be nice.

All I have to say, byebye

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