(Hooray for bland blog titles!)

Heyyo denizens of the wiki. Now, I've recently been interested in Norse, Greek, Roman, Mayan, Egyptian, etc. mythologies around in ancient times, and I wanted to have a little competition. I want to see who can come up with the best story based around a mythical story/legend and the pantheon surrounding it.

Basically, you can contribute stories to ancient pantheons like the ones I mentioned above. I will assign a mythology in reply to anyone who comments their wish to participate ("I'm in" if you want to get really simple). And if you have any suggestions for mythology I've missed, please tell me! But it will have to be one of the more well known ones.

Also, I won't make this mandatory, but I'd prefer some short length (between 500-2,000 words methinks). I can't read anything super long right now because of school and other such things (including sickness).

I hope I get at least some participants!