Let's try something different this time. Instead of pastas, what was your favorite horror novel or short story by a professional writer that got to you the most? One that stuck with you and will never let go? I have two.

Pet Semetary: By Stephen King. Before this, I don't think anyone ever wrote something this fucked up; and it'll be hard to emulate in the future. The second most harrowing thing I ever read was a manga about a man and a gang who torture rapes five teenage girls and gets them addicted to hardcore drugs like meth, and you know what? Even THAT does not even come close to the sheer lunacy contained in Pet Semetarys pages. Starts off so innocent, slowly getting worse and worse as the story progresses...until it becomes an utter nightmare, an evil without a name. Just the very basic plot behind this book makes me question Stephen King's mental stability. It was the scariest thing I have ever read, and will likely remain so for quite some time.

Shutter Island: By Dennis Lehane. Just as effective as the movie, honestly, only the twist and the very ending of the movie were probably done better than in the book, IMHO. Still, Shutter Island as a whole was a psychological masterpiece that required and demanded multiple readings/viewings, as many things are left ambiguous and without explanation. This book fucked with me for awhile until I finally was able to convince myself it was just fiction, but still, the question remains; are we really all alone, and life is just a sweet delusion to mask the truth of what we really are inside?

So, what horror novels stuck with you?