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October 20, 2012
  • The Koromo

    Hello there again community, and Happy New Year! This is a contest that I have been planning for several months now, and it follows similarly in the vein of the previous collaboration contest I had with a certain old folk admin. Like that same blog, the rules here are very simple. I have compiled a list of twelve songs, all spanning many different themes and genres, and your task is to write a story based around the song that I assign to you.

    Like my last contest with Empy, I am basing what constitutes as “inspired by” by the following several categories:

    The themes and lyrics of the song, the feelings the song inspires, the possibility of effectively implementing lyrics into the story.

    You absolutely do not have to use all three of the categ…

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  • The Koromo


    July 4, 2015 by The Koromo

    So I was getting on wikipedia today and this happened.

    I'm not even trolling right now. Is my computer being hacked or something?

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  • The Koromo

    Rage and Sads

    July 3, 2015 by The Koromo

    I'm just going to say it: I feel like giving up on writing.

    Now, I know that my writing isn't bad and a lot of people like it. I know I don't want to give up. A Few Bad Apples was just spotlighted, but right now I honestly feel like that's going to be the ONLY story I ever put up here for another few years. Yes, writing is my number one passion in the world. But for the majority of the school year, I've been writing in moderately slow paces but I felt like I was still progressing relatively well and had no qualms with the slow pace because I was still getting things done.

    Then summer came. During the previous final few months of school I promised myself that I would dedicate a lot of time to writing over the summer. I'd get entire stories done…

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  • The Koromo

    (Hooray for bland blog titles!)

    Heyyo denizens of the wiki. Now, I've recently been interested in Norse, Greek, Roman, Mayan, Egyptian, etc. mythologies around in ancient times, and I wanted to have a little competition. I want to see who can come up with the best story based around a mythical story/legend and the pantheon surrounding it.

    Basically, you can contribute stories to ancient pantheons like the ones I mentioned above. I will assign a mythology in reply to anyone who comments their wish to participate ("I'm in" if you want to get really simple). And if you have any suggestions for mythology I've missed, please tell me! But it will have to be one of the more well known ones.

    Also, I won't make this mandatory, but I'd prefer some shor…

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  • The Koromo

    Since I've been sick as a sewer rat these past 24 hours, I decided to waste some time tonight watching what is widely considered the worst anime of all time, Mars of Destruction. It’s a 20 minute OVA that attempts in some roundabout way to emulate Lovecraft or Arthur C. Clarke and fails miserably. If you have 20 minutes to spare, it's worth a watch (a bag of popcorn would have completed it for me, but I'm sick, so gorge yourselves). Here's a link, enjoy.

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