I was planning on reviewing The Re-Animator today, but due to an entire clusterfuck of events, I am not able to do so.

I am currently stranded in the middle of an airport until 6:15. I took a flight from New York to Philadelphia and it was going to connect to Atlanta. Unfortunately, since US Airways can't get their shit together when they are trying to maintain air traffic control, my flight was delayed by fifteen minutes. I would have made it to the Atlanta flight on time, IF it weren't for some dingus who decided that as soon as the plane landed, he was going to go and take a ten minute shit in the bathroom. Then the pilot and the whole damned plane crew started this huge deal that they couldn't move the plane on the ground while someone was in the bathroom.

So we sat there waiting for this moron to come out and finally return to his seat. I ran to my gate only to get there five minutes after the plane left.

Now I have to switch over to Delta and wait until 6:15 in the middle of this desolate, depressing airport. It's been a lot of fun. Who knows what the night has in store for me. I guess you'll see a review of The Re-Animator tomorrow.