All right guys, I'm actually moving my movie reviews to my Wordpress blog so I can try and reach a wider audience. If you ever enjoyed reading my blog posts, it would be great (and wise) for you to check out my blog and possibly subscribe to my feed? Anyway, yeah. I haven't done a post in quite some time but I'm bored out of my mind as of late so I'll probably do a bit.

I actually have a huge-ass list of films on my phone that I've been meaning to review, I just haven't gotten around to doing it.

Here's the link to my new blog:

You guys (the usual ones who comment and read my stuff, but everyone else too) are just great and whenever I saw that you commented on my blogposts, I really felt a sense of community. I'm still definitely going to be posting stories from time to time, but for now, enjoy my reviews!

I'm also posting all of my reviews from this blog onto Wordpress, but with large improvements and added humor to each article. So even rereading them will be a new experience! That's all for now, guys. Have a great day!