Recently, I learned of the loss of my friend and mentor, who will remain unnamed for privacy. She served as my theatre teacher for three years before learning of a stage four brain tumor. She fought it for the longest time over the course of a year and a half. It seemed as if she were going to make it for quite awhile, but she recently entered hospice care only two weeks ago. It wasn't until a week after entering hospice care that she left this world to go do greater things in the afterlife.

She was truly an amazing woman and her passing has left me and others who she knew well deeply sorrowed. This post may serve as a partial explanation to the bizarre tone or just style of my stories to come. I've realized that my most recent pasta, Black as Hell, was mainly affected by her passing. I felt so out of touch with reality and I still do, but everyday, the facts are slowly sinking in.

I'm not really one to pour out feelings on a social network or a community like this, but I haven't been as affected by something as much as her passing and I felt a general need to share it with someone.