I realize I stated earlier in October that I planned on doing an entry every single day for a horror film review. Clearly this did not happen. A lot of personal family drama came up and I had too much going on in combination with the excessive amount of work I had to do for my classes, it was simply too much.

So in lieu of just posting an occasional blog post here and there, I was thinking that perhaps I could do a weekly blog post of a movie I've seen and enjoyed. They would all be horror, but I was wondering whether or not I should review certain types of horror films.

I've seen an insane amount of horror films, good and bad. Some of the bad ones are so terrible that they are entertaining. I was considering spending a good deal of time doing this, I may not, however, due to the fact that a friend of mine and I are starting a podcast called Crimes Against Cinema in which we watch terrible films (horror and other genres such as action or family comedies). Would whoever my blogpost audience is prefer reviews for cult classic/obscure/great horror films and/or reviews for really terrible horror films that become comedies due to their ignorance?