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A Mild Return After A Long Hiatus

I have taken quite a bit of time off. I only uploaded two stories in 2013. I see that as a mistake on my part.

School has become a pestering demon in my view for the past two years. I have been so overwhelmed with work that I rarely have time to write any more.

Fortunately, I'll be graduating in a few months so I'll be able to pick up writing again. I recently reuploaded Medication after I had it temporarily taken down. I did this so I could use it on college applications and not create the conflict of it being a published story online.

My two most recent stories are Joachim and The Shivering Skin.

Joachim is about a horrible Nazi experiment gone wrong and the repurcussions people must face for playing God. It asks the question: Who is the real monster? Man or beast?

The Shivering Skin is a Lovecraftian tale inspired by Herbert West, Re-Animator. The story deals with the science behind reanimating skin. The underlying theme of the story is misjudgement. An idea is not always a good idea; just because someone thinks it is, doesn't mean it should be followed through.

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