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  • The Hooded Terror

    Halloween, eh?

    October 12, 2013 by The Hooded Terror

    I, still am trying to decide on a Halloween costume as I'm not sure what to go as this Halloween. I might make one or just simply cosplay, buying costumes ain't what it used to be, thus I am still debating this. What about you, Community what are ye doing for this Halloween?

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  • The Hooded Terror

    I can't convey emotions for the feelings I have for this collection of stories in the oh so well-known genre... Creepy Pasta. Truly tis such a glamorous site' that I and ye all visit to delve into a much more deeper, complex, thought-provoking, and mad conscience of the very... sick human mind. Developing stories for free to be shown to all. To tell a story. Hmm. Oh, so lovely a website. I hope when ye make such a profound story you take your time with it, I pray you have ALL the time in the world to construct it. Community, I love ye please keep at these stories, the kinds of stoires that keep even the most gritty and gallant of men and women the chills.

    Delve on deeper for the monsters inside us, as they are yet to be revealed in their TR…

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