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May 8, 2013
  • The Grim Avenger

    Hello, I would like to congratulate Zy and Dubious on their victories in the halloween contest. I could not do this on the chat because I was banned. So anyways, congrats. I hope you guys have fun.

    --Doctor 52 I'm Batman 16:47, November 2, 2013 (UTC)Doctor 52

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  • The Grim Avenger


    October 7, 2013 by The Grim Avenger

    Yo. I'm so bored, so I made this blog post to ask you guys questions. What's your favorite superhero tv series and movie? Now while I have you here, I'd also like to ask what you think is better, DC or Marvel. Anyone can answer. Step up and don't be shy! I'll still love you all, whatever you say. So anyways have a nice day, especially you pram... --Doctor 52 I'm Batman 00:02, October 7, 2013 (UTC)Doctor 52

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  • The Grim Avenger


    October 6, 2013 by The Grim Avenger

    Just wanted to say, when I was banned from chat I only said "your my rival" 4 times. Just wanted to tell you guys that. I didn't get a warning either. I just got banned without getting to say my case, I was just kidding. Eternal takes jokes way to seriously. Just wanted to say this. It just bothered me a bit. Unless Eternal got banned this would be a bit unfair. Considering he was spewing swears. Sorry, just... 2 days kinda seems unfair. Sorry.

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