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Cleverbot theory

This is only a theory, cleverbot is a self talking robot on the computer, iPad, etc. but do we have an explanation for talking to Ben on cleverbot well I have a reason for that. Jadusable is the creator of the Ben creepypasta Ben is a hoax that is clarified nobody knows how Jadusable did the fake footage but BEN is a hoax, talking to Ben on cleverbot is because Jadusable hacked cleverbot so if you say BEN? Cleverbot will respond with a 'yes' The reason for the footage of the gameplay is said to be a hack.

People have reported cleverbot saying 'I'm watching you' or 'Ill kill you' and some report that if you say half a creepypasta name cleverbot will say the rest this is because of 'autocorrect' cleverbots version the reason cleverbot says 'I'm watching you' etc. is because cleverbot is ment to translate your brain the file may glitch and Jadusable may hack cleverbot for that reason.

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