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    This is only a theory, cleverbot is a self talking robot on the computer, iPad, etc. but do we have an explanation for talking to Ben on cleverbot well I have a reason for that. Jadusable is the creator of the Ben creepypasta Ben is a hoax that is clarified nobody knows how Jadusable did the fake footage but BEN is a hoax, talking to Ben on cleverbot is because Jadusable hacked cleverbot so if you say BEN? Cleverbot will respond with a 'yes' The reason for the footage of the gameplay is said to be a hack.

    People have reported cleverbot saying 'I'm watching you' or 'Ill kill you' and some report that if you say half a creepypasta name cleverbot will say the rest this is because of 'autocorrect' cleverbots version the reason cleverbot says 'I…

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