The Doll YukiDing-Dong Hurry and open the door,I have come. Even if you try to hide, It's no use. Ding-Dong. Hurry up and open the door, I have come. It's already to late to run. Looking througg the window, Our Eyes met. Two Eyes frozen in fear, I want to see up Close. Ding-Dong, I'm coming in, Hurry up and run, Let's play tag and have fun. Ding-Dong. I've come in, Hurry up and hide, Let's play hide end seek and have fun. The tumping of your footsteps, Can be heard. Your ragged breathing, Can be heard. Hide tightly, I can see your hair. Hide tightly, I can see your hair. Hide tightly, I can see your hair, Hide tightly,...Knock-Knock, Im in front of your room, Im coming in, I won't ask for permisson. Knock-Knock, I'm inside your room, Where are you hiding? The game has almost end. I looked under the bed, In your room. You are not here. Next is inside your closet ....Ding-Dong,Here you are. Ding-Dong You were here all along. Ding-Dong. I've found you now. Looks like i won. Ding-Dong the game has end