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    I am going to start doing a post (Hopefully often, maybe even daily!) Of reviews and, kind of dissecting pastas, and I will be discussing them. I will point out their flaws, and talk about what I liked, or didn't like. Please suggest a pasta for me to review in the comments. A note about that, please try to avoid super long ones, I prefer pastas that are about 3-4 paragraphs long, not these 14 page ones I find so often. Before you say ¨Oh that's just copying HuntressNight22!¨ No, I got the idea yes, but I plan to go deeper with the reviews and discussion. Again, please suggest a pasta for me to do!

    Thank you,

    The Deranged Umbreon (talk) 03:08, May 5, 2014 (UTC)The Deranged Umbreon

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  • The Deranged Umbreon

    Hi! I'm new to the site, and i figured I'd ask you Creepypasta veterans, what should i read? I would like to avoid to many clichés, and also possesed video game pastas. Also I don't wan't ¨BEN¨ ¨Jeff the killer¨ or ¨teh day of all the blood¨ I haven't read many but I've read some and Pokémon one's are my Favourite, so also if you've got any of those I'd love them.

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