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    So, I like to watch some of the paranormal shows involving ghosts, demons and other good 'ol occult paraphernalia where they document various accounts from actual people. I've noticed in the episodes involving demonic attacks, one of the phrases that always seems to get dropped is, "God can't save you now."

    I thought about it a bit, and I think it'd be much more horrifying if they'd say something more along the lines of, "God won't save you now." There'd be less of an attempt to brag about their own power, and it would produce a stronger feeling of despair. It's not their god doesn't have the power to stop the demon, but rather, it just doesn't care enough to do so.

    But, then again, I'm not a demon. I don't tell them how to torment humans. And…

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  • The Chaos Puppet

    Anyone else find the humor in the fact that the badge for posting your first blog is named "You Shouldn't Have Done That.."?

    I mean, often times, those blogs are just spam posts so people can get the badge for it.

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  • The Chaos Puppet


    February 22, 2012 by The Chaos Puppet

    So, there's a lot of hype about 2012 being the end of the world and such.

    There's even a site doing a little novelty thing about buying a ticket into space so you can escape the 2012 rapture: Escape Earth 2012

    It got me thinking, what if we did launch a rocket into space to escape annihilation?

    I think it might go something like this:

    First, they'd send off the rocket into space.

    Of course, on Earth, everything would be going fine.

    But, human incompetence would make the rocket malfunction.

    This would cause the rocket to plummet into the earth.

    As fate would play its cruel joke, it would land on a nuclear power plant.

    Which would create an explosion of epic proportions.

    One explosion would lead to another, causing the Armageddon and killing us all.


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    February 20, 2012 by The Chaos Puppet

    I don't know how much you know or believe about spirits and supernatural entities. What I'm writing here is me recalling events that happened to me recently. I hope you comprehend the things I speak of. I must admit, they get a little... out there.

    Allow me to provide a short back story: I met my wife about three years ago. She and I have a certain affinity toward the spiritual arts. She is something of a medium, so interacting with spirits is not uncommon for her. I also interact with spirits, but I concentrate on other skills, so I'm not really a medium.

    I moved in with her to an apartment, which ended up being a fiasco. So we moved back to the house she was living in previously. The house was haunted. This, of course, fascinated me and on…

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