Dear Readers,

Just recently I was introduced to CreepyPastas by a friend and I haven’t quite thought of the words to thank him on how much he has done for me. Because, if it was not for CreepyPastas I would have completely given up on the internet’s ability for creativity. For with social media sites there is one aspect that is desperately lacking, ingenuity. This one ability is the backbone for the content on these sites but the maintenance of this within the viewers is unattainable. For the entertainment is within the receiving of the content, not the giving. This is where CreepyPastas come in. These internet horror stories give anybody the chance to easily produce something, with a little bit of peer review, that can actually be used to entertain someone. So to sum this all up, I would like to end by saying that creativity will find an outlet no matter what genre; and the outlet I’ve come to love is that of CreepyPastas.


The Blank Slate