The Black Plague

  • I live in behind the wall,where you live,in your nightmares,dark places,under your bed
  • I was born on June 6
  • My occupation is making you insane and paranoid,causing hell in the world,soul stealer,death messenger
  • I am An It
  • The Black Plague

    Why Are You Here?

    November 8, 2013 by The Black Plague

    Why ARE you here?

    Tell me what makes you be in this world?

    What is your use of being alive if you know you will die one day?

    ...........Do you not know that there are many things that can kill you,so whay be here?

    You must obviously think your a "strong" and "mighty" person don't you?

    Everyday, every second and every slowly are dieing.....

    You may not always know, but i'm there to witness every death and every breath.....

    I may not be human but i see EVERYTHING...... I know EVERYTHING, and i shall destroy EVERYTHING......

    But go ahead, if you think you can beat the unkillable, then challenge me then..........

    I'll see you in your death bed...........

    "The Black Plague"

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