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5 Things I Did Not Know Until Recently

Hey guys, I was looking through my profile and I discovered my first blog was a spam blog (oops!) So, I wanted to make a fun, quirky blog for you guys which hopefully follows the rules. Here is 5 things I did not know about the Creepypasta Wiki until recently. In no particular order, they are as follows.

Need I remind you that, concerning the amount of time I've had a Wikia account (since July 2011), this is appallingly stupid of me.

  • (A couple of months ago) I realized Furbearingbrick's name wasn't FuNbearingbrick.
  • (A few months ago) I realized that EvraVon53 was actually a male.
  • (About a week ago) I finally found ClericofMadness' REAL name.
  • (About 2 months ago) I discovered HP Lovecraft was a horror fiction author.
  • (A month ago) There are a LOT of "Holder" Pastas.

Yes, this is ACTUALLY 100% true, and a big apology to Evra and Fur for being a complete dumbass.

Sorry if any of you guys find this offensive, but I don't see why you would :P

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