I just joined this Wiki and I'm super exited! I can't wait to discuss my favorite Italian delicacy to the world! Wait, this is the cool pasta wiki, right? Wait, what's that? Creepypasta!? Oh. Well then, I might as well write some creepypastas then. I was reading the Suggested Reading section, and I was sort of wondering what it had to do with pasta. This makes much more sense. In all seriousness though, I am a huge fan of creepypastas. Something about horror stories on the internet appeals to me, even though about 87% of them are terrible. I'll be making my own, but I don't think they'll be all that amazing. You should still read them though. And subscribe to me on Youtube. *pleasedontgetangryatmeforadvertisingmyyoutubeonhere* Anyways, that's about it!