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The White Light Team (Creators of the stories)

Hi everyone i just wanted to tell you guys/girls know there are 3 story creators! We are going to share a bit and here are witch storys we are going

Me (HeartLess)

Heartless - Cloud

Stiches -  Scare

Luanr Moon - Cloud

My friend (Clover)

Clover  - lucky

The Sculptor - Lemon

The Winged demon -demon dog

My Mom...(The Creator)

The Creator - Cloud

my mom just wanted to do 1 any ways me and clovers storys are going first (cause my mom wants to go off are storys) but yea the storys will have the other creepypasta's in then (fyi me and clover had a fight....about the twins.......she won she got masky i got hoodie XD so cute studdering :3 )

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