Please help me.

I  never wanted to tell this story for a long time, and i need some help.

One day at school i was eating lunch with my friends, or what seemed like my friends, and we were daring people to do crazy stuff. They dared me to go to the school at night, stay there the whole night without being spotted. It was easy. I had light feet and silent shoes and stealth, so it was a piece of cake. So later that night my friends told my mom that we were going to study and picked me up. In what seemed like hours, we arrived at school. it took so long because the golf cart had low battery and we had to push it. When we arrived to school i was horrified of what i saw. On the middle of the road, i saw my crush dying on the floor. " Wh-...Who did this? I said. Then I saw it. My friend slowly got a knife from his pocket. It was a trap. He stabbed my leg and i felt a strong pain and tried to scream, but my other friend clasped is hand to my mouth. My friend explained everything "You think people like you here? Everyone hates you! People wish you'd die or leave to another country. You are hell to us. You are so stupi-". Suddenly he fell dead. So did the other. I was shocked. My crush recovered and whacked the lights out of the killers. she explained that she was told to act like she was dead on the street, but they didnt say that they were going to kill me. I asked if it was true. If everybody hated me. She told me somethin i will always remember.

" It is okay if many people hate you, but its unfair if people kill you by hatred." 

whith that she helped me up and took me to the hospital.