aka Daniel.

  • I live in the Philippines.
  • I was born on October 26
  • My occupation is nothing yet. I haven't acquired sufficient military and economic strength.
  • I am a boymanguydudeguy...
  • TheStarshipCommando

    Hey, guys, this is my first blog post! Anyway, I'd like to take the time to say that I love the site. I've read some stuff from it before I joined, and I'm also currently thinking about even writing. I feel I'm well-equipped to do so, but I dunno if I'll follow through as I seem to have some problems with inertia, frankly. Time will tell, I suppose.

    Anyway, now to the question I mentioned in the title. Writing guides on the site tend to advise against mentioning creepypasta when writing a creepypasta. I personally don't see how that would break immersion or anything as I don't really think about creepypasta itself when reading one — though it's probably just me — but why exactly? Why isn't it exactly a good idea to mention creepypasta, and …

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