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Please Help me Find some Stories

There are a few Jeff the Killer stories I was planning to read, but just tonight, when I went to go check them out, they got deleted. I actually noticed a LOT of pages are being deleted lately. Why is this?

If anybody knows where I can find the stories: Jeff's Revenge, or Jeff the Killer Part 3, please send me a link on my DeviantART page. My username is TheSlenderFan, same as this Wikia account. My old account is Lleviton. I still check my messages there, so you can send it there also. My only other active account is AskMandy, my Soul Eater fan character, so you can link me there also.

You can also link it to DarkHarvestZimPlz, ChubbySpicerPlz, or AskLenny. Their not as active, but I still check them once in a while.

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