I was insanely bored, and this site was my last resort. Really, I just needed to save that picture of Jeff to my computer. The drawing I made of him that I put on my page. I deleted it from dA, but now I wanna reupload it on another site, so I needed it again.

Soooo, what to write, what to write...

My mom is finally gonna let me dye my hair! About fudging time. XD Though, she said she would let me over a month ago. She's probably putting it off until I forget, so when I ask her again, she won't let me. Don't even try it, mom. I have the memory of an elephant. D<

Oh, and I nearly had a heart attack about an hour ago. Because a King Candy roleplayer got married to one of my friends... who also happens to be sort of a rival. And yes I love King Candy. I'm freakin' rabid for him to the point where I'll go yandere on your ass if you even look at him in a way that I don't like. ._.

Okay, I'm kidding. xD But he has been my most insense fangirl subject so far. I'm even more crazy for him than some of the fangirls are for Jeff the Killer. I was never that crazy about Jeff actually. Yeah, I went through a fangirl phase, but it only lasted about a week. For some reason during my phase, everyone was shipping me with him. I'm flattered that I was getting gift art of me and one of my favorite characters, but I would never fall madly in love with a freakin' serial killer. :I Besides, Eyeless Jack is cooler. And he's underrated. There's barely any decent fanart of him on dA.

So anywaayyy... it's not like I'm gonna buy a custom King Candy dakimakura or anything... *Totally lying* Meh. Screw it. I'm totally obsessed. But... *In King Candy's voice* Look at all the gumballth I give!

Oh, and I played Lost Silver! It sucked. xD Seriously. Either my computer is glitchy, or I can't get out of the menu once I go in. But that half-celebi was so awesome. I'm totally gonna draw her. Besides, I found a perfect reference! I've recently developed an interest in gore and dead things (aside from Creepypasta), and I ended up finding a photo of a human head sliced in half. So I think that would make an okay reference.

So, I'm gonna log out now. All I really needed to do was save that drawing of Jeff that I mentioned earlier. I got carried away and wrote a blog so... sionara, suckers!