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Hello Thar

I'm Lily. Not spelled with two l's. I swear to Zalgo, if ONE more person spells my name wrong, or calls me Lucy, or Lana... Nevermind. I may as well intoduce myself.

I am a huge Slenderman fan, as you may be able to tell by my username. I also love Jeff the Killer. My all time favorite Creepypasta. I bought two Jeff the Killer plushies from Etsy, I made a plushie, and I have yet to buy a Slenderman plushie. Just so you know, I SUCK at making plushies. came out looking more like a demented Houndour. Speaking of Houndour, I like ORIGINAL Creepypastas. Pokepastas are getting old, and most of them are cliche. No, I don't mind them. I actually enjoy reading them, but really. Am I the only one tired of getting pictures of a Totodile, when I search "Creepypasta"?

I am also a big fan of XcomickittyX on DeviantART, and her comic, Pastamonsters. Check it out if you have the time.

I also draw a lot, but my drawings suck. But hey, I do it because I like to.



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