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  • TheSlenderFan

    Too Late...

    August 9, 2013 by TheSlenderFan

    I was checking for comments on some of my blogs, and wow, I actually got one! Alas, it was posted a long time ago, so I was unable to respond. So I'll be responding in this blog. (This might actually be my official new method of responding since I barely ever log on anymore.)

    Mr.Zalgopasta comments: The problem isn't that Jane's a Sue. It's that there're fifty billion JaneSues out there because of the JatK fad. As for the rest of this blog. Well... I couldn't make any coherent sense out of it so whatever.

    My response: Okay, what is the JatK fad? I honestly looked all over Google for what that means and I got nothing.

    As for you not being able to make any coherent sense out of the rest of the blog, it's not my fault you don't understand Englis…

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  • TheSlenderFan

    I was insanely bored, and this site was my last resort. Really, I just needed to save that picture of Jeff to my computer. The drawing I made of him that I put on my page. I deleted it from dA, but now I wanna reupload it on another site, so I needed it again.

    Soooo, what to write, what to write...

    My mom is finally gonna let me dye my hair! About fudging time. XD Though, she said she would let me over a month ago. She's probably putting it off until I forget, so when I ask her again, she won't let me. Don't even try it, mom. I have the memory of an elephant. D<

    Oh, and I nearly had a heart attack about an hour ago. Because a King Candy roleplayer got married to one of my friends... who also happens to be sort of a rival. And yes I love King …

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  • TheSlenderFan


    April 28, 2013 by TheSlenderFan

    Oh, such a fitting title! xD

    However, this journal is a sad one. As much as I hate to admit it, this account is pretty much dead. I've left the creepypasta fandom because of too many horrible stupid fans, and I haven't found any good pastas in a while. I recently read an AMAZING one, but I forgot the name. I already know that I'm stupid, you don't have to tell me.

    However, I am a big part of the Wreck it Ralph fandom now, with several roleplay accounts on dA. My main dA account is GnomesAteMyFamily, so contact me there, because I probably won't be logging back onto this wiki anytime soon.

    It's been an entire year since I've logged on. I keep wanting to, but I always forget. Heck, I rarely even aknowledge that this account even exists anymore.…

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  • TheSlenderFan

    Holy Crap...

    November 13, 2012 by TheSlenderFan

    It's been almost half a year since I've logged in!

    I'm so sorry, but I actually think I'm starting to lose interest in Creepypasta. I mean, I still like it a lot, but I'm just not nearly as obsessed with it as I used to be. Of course, I'm still a huge Slenderman fan.

    But my current obsession is Frankenweenie, and a little bit of Hetalia. But the Hetalia fanbase is yuck, so I try not to get too into it.

    Um... Also, I heard about the Dead Bart update. Not sure if I want to read it. I mean, I want to, because Dead Bart was an amazing pasta, but the picture scared me sh*tless. So I want to know if the new Dead Bart pasta has that same picture, because if it does, I'm not going anywhere near that page.

    So, yeah, I'll try to be more active. I've bee…

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  • TheSlenderFan

    Wow Sorry

    July 26, 2012 by TheSlenderFan

    I know it's been months since I've came on this site. I've been so busy with dA lately, and I wrote another Pasta, but I'm not sure how to submit it. What's been going on lately? Well, some jackhole on dA blocked me because I obviously won an argument with them, and then I tried to apologize from one of my alternate accounts, and the person flags my apology comment and blocks that account also.

    And also my cat is just being her weird self. She was licking my nose last night, and I woke up looking like freaking Rudolph.

    My brother developed a comeback for anything I say. This is what he says: "Prove it." It's annoying as hell!

    Also, what's up with all this Jane the Killer hate bullcrap? I heard she got banned from the wiki! That's... That's re…

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