Jane and the others were simply added for "excitement" It's something every person does, they like to add unnecessary myths onto some serious cases. Jeff The Killer has not yet been proven wrong, nor right. There is the biggest possibility that Jeff The Killer is based on the story of Jeffrey Woods, which is in fact, true. The problem with that is, no one truly knows what happened with Jeffrey Woods and his family. It could have simply been something that was....unsolvable, therefore, as the said 'Jeffrey Woods' went apparently "missing" after the tragic accident, there was no reason as to NOT pin the murders on Jeffrey. Correct? Yet, that can't be entirely true. According to a news paper released on Saturday, September 2, 2006 Jeffrey Woods' brother, Liu, went missing from the hospital when he was severely injured in the attack. This case was also, instantly pinned as a kidnapping from Jeffrey Woods. But is it wrong to say that Liu might have gone a bit crazy himself and went looking for his lost brother? Did anyone think that Jeffrey Woods, might have been kidnapped himself? That is also unproven, as far as I'm concerned, there are no police records on this possibility. That is exactly my point. Apparently, Jeffrey went completely insane and killed his parents then injuring his brother. But you think back to the original Creepypasta story. Jeffrey defended his brother Liu, which goes to show how much he cared for him. So even if Jeffrey went insane, why would he try to kill his own brother after all that effort to keep him safe? It's completely possible that Jeffrey Woods had nothing to do with the killings. Plus, if Liu did go missing from the hospital, there was no evidence of this disappearance. Jeffrey could not have been responsible for it. But then, why would someone make up such a story? Attention. What most people want in life is to be well known by others. One might have herd about the Jeffrey Woods story and decided to make it into something more. The news article And the image that is missing in the picture