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The reason I Say I was born in 1901, is because I was born in the late Eighteen hundreds, I've become One with different people over the ages, That voice in the back of your head is one of us, A shade. There is evil shades, And Shades of Light, such as me. Now here is my story. I was born in 1889 and I was born into a poor family, I never was a very strong boy, my brothers were the strong, I was the smarts of the family. I was brought up as a christian, but I have no religion now. I met my sweet heart when I was 25, She was beautiful, she's almost the only thing I can remember from my life. I barely even remember my own name, I believe it was something along the lines of Roger, or Ronald, I don't really remember. Either way, Ask me anything. And I'll try to answer, I know many things, Have seen a many happenings, And I can tell the human race is destroying itself, Ask me anything, Relationship advice, Job advice. Even Religion advice. I'll try my best to answer. Have a good Night And Day Everyone.

What you may see me as.

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