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aka Crystal

  • I live in Portland,OR
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is Stright
  • I am Female
  • ThePlagueDoctorHeart

    ** Basicly in my dream i was tied up and bound, i couldn't see anything and one of my fetishes being bound and blindfolded this was basicly a wet dream for me, Hope it is creepy and "scary" enough for you. ENJOY! THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS**

    I was sitting in a dungeon.. I was in nothing but a pesent type of cloth wrapped around me and tied by a single rope tied at my waist. It was a reddish dark crimson color and there was barley any light.

    There was a dark shadowy figure standing over at the other end of the dungeon, the figure turned and looked at me. He was a plague doctor, he had the mask over his face and was dressed all in black leather, the eyes glowed a bright red, he greeted me but I didn't answer.

    My arms where chained up against th…

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