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  • TheNicholasParkusComplex

    Ever heard of the Uncanny Valley? If you go to TVtropes you probably would. It's like a scale that shows you how human-like a person is, and how the familiarity drops as it nears the 'human' characteristic. Or something like that.

    I think that's the reason the creepy pictures in the Wiki are scary.

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  • TheNicholasParkusComplex

    Okay. What makes a good creepy pasta? Just wonderin.

    I'm kinda tired of all the Video Game Creepy Pasta things.

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  • TheNicholasParkusComplex

    Nuff said. :)) Let's be optimistic! What's your favorite creepy pasta/genre?

    Mine is Salvation.

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  • TheNicholasParkusComplex

    It's not really a creepy pasta. So it doesn't count. :))

    An Inescapable Rain

    "The pills or the gun?

    The apple or the orange?

    Any other fruit and you’re going on a taxi

    And get the fuck out of here.

    I see you made your choice."


    Cheryl woke up as streaks of water laced her glass window, leaving trails of moist fog as the thunder roared across the sky. Rain. The sky through her windows was a dark, seething blob of gloominess. She stared through the windows and into the heart of the nimbus sadness.

    Something was wrong.

    Nothing turned out like you thought.

    Her apartment was cold and desolate. The Television was on, white noise blaring its maddening chaotic sound. Papers were scattered all over the floor, and in the silence, a faucet dripped water…

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  • TheNicholasParkusComplex

    Wassuppp modasakas?

    So you write creepy-as-hell pastas. So you like to scar us with your creepy-as-hell work, and its twisted and disturbing endings. You like to show us that pale man who smiles a lot. You like to show us slenderman, that faceless guy with or without the tentacles (your pick).

    I wanna know if you play video games. Any kind.

    But of course I wanna know if you play, Creepypasta's cousin, the Horror game. Ciao, guys.

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