• TheNameless One96

    My Name Is...

    September 15, 2012 by TheNameless One96

    There's no reason for me to hide things...they're watching through the window so I must be quick. They've been watching me since I was young, but it took me up until I was in the sixth grade to realize who they were and why they were there. It's not only them either...I see and hear things not everyone else does, and can do things not all people can do...that's why they're here. But I know I'm safe, and I know my loved ones are safe, for I am the one that keeps them that way. Some of my friends know this, my closest friends do, the ones I know I can trust. Other's are lucky enough to be oblivious of the world around them. I've been looking for others like me for a long while and a couple of my friends are special like me as well.

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