• TheNakedPencil

    The Dream Shadow

    October 11, 2013 by TheNakedPencil

    When I was walking back home from another day from school, and another day from being bullied, I was listening to music and happy to be back home. I am alone with my cat and my mom is at work. I was lonely so i jumped on the computer to play some games until I went to sleep. There it was, my shadow. Thinking, does my shadow do anything at all? With that thought I decided to go to bed. In the dream I saw a shadow and it said "I will slove all your promblems the next time you woke up".

    The next day, I woke up, ate cereal, and went to school, like i always do. But to day was different. I didnt have any bully promblems, no promblems with any promblems, and a girl asked me on a date. To me this is very weird. I thought "Is this because of that d…

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