What makes Creepypasta different?

If any of you have ever bothered to take a look in your local bookstore's collection of horror novels that are readily available, you would be shocked by how much crap there is. Most of what's there will be dominated by Stephen King and, although I am a fan of a lot of his work, I can still admit that he does tend to use similiar character archetypes and occasionaly his stories turn into complicated messes that leave you scratching your head. You may also come across some other quality novels here and there, but for the most part it is extremely hard to find a unique and interesting idea that has been worked into a story. Most horror novels boil down to monsters or supernatural beings ( i.e. ghosts, demons, etc.). So when I had finally had enough of the same old stories is when I heard my first Creepypasta. It was "The Russian Sleep Experiment" and I was hooked. I didn't understand the concept of Creepypasta yet but I knew something was different. So, I checked out the wiki.

Becuase we at the wiki don't have to deal with the nasty buisness of trying to get our stories published through the typical medium of books, there are some ideas I have seen here that I don't think many publishers would be willing to take the risk on. This leads to some amazing and unconvential stories. Yes, we still have monsters and ghosts, but I've seen people tackle those topics in some truly terrifying ways on this site. Since we have the ability to cut out the middle man here on the wiki, any number of ideas could be read here. That is why my primary source of quality horror material is now this wiki and this wiki alone.

TheLongShadow (talk) 16:26, August 6, 2013 (UTC)