NOTICE: I myself was having a rough time when I wrote this, so sorry if it's a little "touchy-feely' for a horror story themed wiki.

So lately I have been coming in contact with a lot of people on this wiki who seem to be going through tough times or are just feeling down in the dumps. It is sometimes surprising to me how willing quite a few of these people are to open up to people they have never even met on this wiki. I believe (for the most part) that, as a wiki, we are a pretty tight bunch, and that try to be encouraging and positive to one another. I am here to tell those who seem like they are having a hard time that if you feel like you have no one else to turn to in your life, we will be here. We will be here to make you laugh in the chat or really talk things over in a PM. We will be here to share a story or two that might make you forget, be it for ever so brief a time, the troubles that are haunting you. Just because we are anonymous users on the internet doesn't mean we have to act like strangers to each other.

LongShadow out.