Ok, really, I haven't really done anything on this wiki for a while (to me at least), so I think I just have to come out and say it now.

I...I DON'T have depression. Now you're probably thinking why I faked my own disorder, well that's simple. The WikiCreator account was actually my own behavior, but why I said I have depression in the first place is to make people feel bad, but that obviously backfired and stuff. I was just really childish back then.

Though there were some people who helped me a little bit, like J. Deschene (sorry if I typed that wrong), and Squidmanescape (I think), so I just wanna thank them for that. Though the thing for me and the admins, yes that was actually me wining and getting mad about my story getting deleted but I acted like a 9 yaear old when I was 12 and stuff XD. Now I actually know that it's a JOB to be an admin. Well idk if a real job, idk if you get paid or not (probably not), but after all these months I realised that being an admin could be a frustrating job, deleting pages, fixing pages, banning people, stuff like that. I actually now know that people on this wiki have their own rules. That's why I didn't even follow most of the rules, because one thing I was childish (like I said a million times), and that I wanted to act like a mental person just for people to feel bad for me.

Though the people didn't really act positivley to me, that doesn't matter anymore. I just wanna send the truth, and hate me if you want for putting you through this for nothing, but I needed to say it.

idk what to type anymore so i'll just end it with this: Thank you all.