Hello everyone. I've been on this website for over a year now, yet I never thought to make an introduction. Well, here it is. Hello everyone (again), my name is Alex and I like to write. The reason I joined the Creepypasta website in December of 2014 was because it was a way to express new areas and genres of writing I'd never thought to explore: horror. The first pasta I ever posted was pretty mediocre, by narrative standards. It was unfortunately removed, so you can't go and view it now, but if you'd still like to read it, you can visit here, like I said, it's pretty basic.

Anyways, like previously stated, I like to write. Well, I'd say love is more of an appropriate word. I am currently working 3 large scale stories, 2 taking place in medieval times and 1 taking place in a futuristic universe. I like to read Creepypastas for the feeling it can bring. Sure, there are the "Original Pastas," but we all already know the stories to those, however, there are some creative spin-offs I've read that do well in the field of intrigue. But for the most part, I'm the type of person who's scared of the unknown, so to anyone who writes pastas with monsters who never physically see, kudos to you, you scare the sh*t out of me.

I could go on and tell you more about my personal life, but I think that presenting that I like to write will do for now. Hopefully I'll get to read some of your pastas in the future, and hopefully you'll be able to read mine soon enough. Adios!

TheJangoLegacy (talk) 17:23, February 6, 2016 (UTC)